Rebecca Rowe

From playing international sport to working in typically male dominated environments Bex knows no boundaries when it comes to gender stereotyping and reaching success. She has rowed for Great Britain, competed in the Rugby World Cup and Six Nations for Wales and has won numerous world championships in ‘surf life saving‘ and has even broken world records in this event. In November 2017 her sporting career was cut short due to a multiple ligament rupture in her knee after playing a game for Harlequins. 

At the age of 37 she became a firefighter, fulfilling a lifelong ambition after leaving her previous job as a PE teacher. Changing her career so late in life was a huge risk but her guts and determination to persevere means it has been the best decision she ever could have made.

Bex is one of the Antarctic Fire Angels and works closely with the Harlequins Foundation.  Bex inspires people through coaching, mentoring and speaking to audiences large and small who then go on to inspire others.  

Speaks on:

Female empowerment; mentoring; recovering from injury; resilience; LGBTQ; Inspiring future generations; taking risks and dealing with failure; motivation strategies.