Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between OE and other speaker agencies?

We focus on the lived experience.  We represent real people doing extraordinary things that are out of their normality or area of everyday expertise.  

What are the benefits of booking with us?

People from all walks of life have stories to share.  Hearing a truly great talk and seeing how someone has faced a challenge head on can help others engage with their inner extraordinary.

Why should you have an external speaker instead of someone from within your own organisation?

An external speaker will deliver a different perspective to an internal speaker, add another dimension to your event, and offer a human connection that reaches beyond your organisation. They are likely to stimulate greater interest through their unique and extraordinary stories.  The perspective of an external speaker can be enlightening and unexpected, and also un-biased which may be helpful in relation to your audience.  Also using an extraordinary external speaker can also make your event stand out, set its tone, and generate a bigger and more engaged audience.

Will our speakers be bespoke to your event?

Our speakers will always be prepared to deliver a talk tailored to your brief, event and audience.

We only work with speakers who provide bespoke talks, so if you choose to work with us, we will match you with a speaker whose talk will be tailor-made to address your brief and deliver on your event ambitions.

Can the audience engage with the speaker?

We always encourage open and honest engagement with our speakers and find that it gives for a much better experience if this happens.  It normally happens at the end of the speakers presentation however some speakers are open to engage throughout their presentation if the event lends itself to this type of interaction.  

When we book a speaker do we have to arrange travel?

​ We want our speakers nominated charities to get as much out of this as you will so we will always discuss and agree travel expenses prior to the speaker being engaged, so you know exactly what the costs will be in addition to the agreed speaking fee.  

What is the average cost of one of our extraordinary speakers?

Our pricing strategy is broad meaning that everyone benefits.  Our 'newbie' speakers can be as little as £300 whereas our more experienced 'advanced' speakers are up to £5000.  Our newbies may be more suited to more intimate settings whereas our experienced speakers may be matched to larger arenas.  That's not to say that someone with vast speaker experience can't deliver to a small bespoke audience of course.  

What's the process for booking a speaker?

Firstly, just get in touch.  It's good to talk.  Drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.  From here we can arrange a chat and start sorting out some of the finer details.  If you prefer email only, then that's fine too.  After this, we'll get an agreement out to you and book you in!

What happens if our event gets cancelled?

We understand that this can happen and our Terms of Business give clear guidance on cancellation, and any fee that will be incurred. We will discuss this thoroughly with you when a contract is being agreed.

What happens if our event dates get moved?

Just get in touch as soon as possible and we can work together to re-arrange.

Promoting your event

We'd like to promote your event and the associated speaker across our social media platforms.  Please let us know if this is an issue for you or