Nikki Upton

Nikki knew from the moment she met a female firefighter at a London Fire Brigade open day that this was the job she wanted to do and in 2009 she did just that and has never looked back. 


She is a qualified Level 3 personal trainer and spinning instructor, and loves helping people realise their full potential with her amazingly magnetic personality - Nikki has the power to inspire everyone. 

Nikki has a drive to compete in challenges, there isn't much she can't turn her hand to - whether that involves an exhausting 10k swim, 75 mile bike ride or a boxing fight in front of 1200 people or, indeed for her latest challenge - as an Antarctic Fire Angel. 


She recently travelled to Tajikistan to teach rope rescue to women wanting to become the first female rescue responders. Nikki was so inspired and in awe of their determination she hopes to return soon.  Her inclusive attitude where everyone is welcome is a model we can all aspire to. 

Speaks on:

Health and fitness; positive mental resilience; our relationships with nutrition; body image and acceptance

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